September 21, 2011

la trinité-sur-mer, brittany, france

After a month of being at the Base de sous-marins, we were finally ready:  new rigging, updated electronics, serviced sails. We even got immunizations done for Raivo, thanks to the help of our kind friend Dr. Yann Rochas.

We said goodbye to a few people, but goodbyes are difficult for us, especially Tormentina.  So at 12 noon on Monday, Simone Gaeta from the BP Team gave us a helping hand off the dock, and we sailed to La Trinité-sur-Mer to test out all of our systems.

Beautiful day on the Brittany coast:  Starboard tack out of Lorient, one gybe to port to slide through the peninsula, then upwind with 1000 litres of ballast into La Trinité.  We pulled up to the marina at 5pm and are now tied up on the pontoon next to all the rock star boats like Sodebo and Safran.

Last time Anasazi Girl was tied up next to Sodebo was in 2008, at the Shosholoza base in Capetown, South Africa.  I was pregnant with Tormentina at the time, and Thomas Colville was making repairs on a hull after hitting an iceberg in the Southern Ocean.  He saw my big belly, and said, "You're pregnant?  You have to eat, please come, we have lots of food, eat!!"

Now it is Wednesday, the town of La Trinité is quiet and sleepy, and we are waiting for weather to leave the Bay of Biscay.  Tonight at 10pm it is looking good for us to leave the dock.

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