January 30, 2013

auckland city tepid baths

The biggest reason why Anasazi Girl is docked at Hobson West Marina is because Auckland City's Tepid Baths is located one block away.  Tormentina and Raivo lead the way on their scooters and we arrive at the pools within minutes of stepping off of the boat.  It is an easy exercise without the stress of getting into a car, strapping three kids into three car seats and dealing with parking.

The Tepid Baths, which originally opened in 1914, has recently undergone a NZD15.8 million renovation and redevelopment.  It has been beautifully restored and is the cleanest aquatic facility we have been to since soaking in the geothermal pools in Iceland.

When we are underway on Anasazi Girl and the kids want to be on deck or in the cockpit, then they are in full body harnesses and are clipped into the boat.  When we are in port and on the docks, the kids do not wear PFDs all the time.  Raivo has fallen off the dock into the water twice. Tormentina has fallen in three times.  We have been lucky, but we're tired of worrying about them drowning.

It has been our goal to get them in the water every single day so they can work on strengthening their swimming. We are teaching them ourselves and they are making huge breakthroughs.

In December the Viaduct Marina installed hard wired internet to many of the power plinths, so there is free high-speed internet for many berth holders.  As a result, we have been able to stream swim lesson videos, free diving videos, and competitive swimming footage from the 2012 London Olympics, which has been a useful tool for helping the kids progress.

Raivo in the learner's pool at Auckland City's Tepid Baths.

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