May 18, 2013

whitianga harbour at low tide

One of Tormentina's favorite activities is to comb the beach at low tide.  She carries in her pack a red pail and a Northern NZ Rocky Shore Guide so can identify what she finds.  The dress below is designed by Tormentina: a woman's cotton floral button-up shirt from the op-shop, converted into a strapless little number here for the beach. Other times it is worn as a paint smock.  

We are savoring these days of unseasonably warm & sunny autumn days on the Coromandel.

Whitianga Harbour, Coromandel Peninsula - NEW ZEALAND (May 2013)

Tormentina at age 4 - our happy clam in the mud.
Whitianga Harbour, Coromandel Peninsula - NEW ZEALAND.  (May 2013)

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