August 25, 2011

base de sous-marins kéroman, lorient, france

We left St. Quay on Sunday morning and arrived at the Base de Sous-marins Kéroman in Lorient on Monday night.  It was beautiful sailing around Brittany.  The flat seas inside the island channels were an unexpected treat, and we wished that Anasazi Girl had a lifting keel so we could do some further exploring.  We passed the Figaro boats racing and so many other sailboats that we lost count.  It reminded us how deep the sailing lifestyle is part of France's culture.  All of the old lighthouses shifted us backwards through time and I experienced one of the prettiest sunsets during a watch on deck with Raivo.

We have had an excellent experience with Olga + crew at the Port Captain's office.  They are efficient, super friendly and warm, knowledgeable, and set us up with a bicycle and bike trailer for the kids.  The docks are safe and in very good condition, clean showers without the damn tokens, grocery, bakery, restaurants, and the museums within easy walking distance of the boat.

Anasazi Girl feeling like a tiny little boat - surrounded by the giant superstar racing sailboats - Groupama 2, Groupama 70, Groupama 3, Foncia MOD70, Race for Water MOD70, Virbac Paprec Absolute Dreamer 3, Prince de Bretagne Multi50, and Banque Populaire's Trimaran V.  My little girl Tormentina is really tiny next to all the giant hulls.  What an amazing playground and classroom  for her, to take in the design and craftsmanship that goes into building and sailing these performance sailboats.

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  1. Beautiful! You all are living the life! It's a good, good, thing.

    much love