February 28, 2013

whangamata, coromandel peninsula

We took our first break from work & Auckland since November.  Four days on the Coromandel Peninsula for some rest, relaxation, and recharge of energy before the big intensive haul-out period for the boat.

James and Raivo boogie to the surf.
Whangamata, Coromandel Peninsula, NEW ZEALAND

February 11, 2013

yachting world, march 2013 issue

Anasazi Girl and the story of our most recent family voyage from Fremantle to Auckland is featured in Yachting World's March 2013 issue.  Photos/words by Somira Sao.  Issue is available on news stands in the UK this week.

February 10, 2013

big man, by lucy bucknall

Title:  Big Man, 2011
Artist: Lucy Bucknall (1966), United Kingdom
Location: Silo Park, Wynyard Quarter, Waterfront Auckland
Materials: Sheet and rod phosphor bronze

"Big Man, with his paws deep in his hoodie, contemplate the state of our planet, his environment, and things to come."  Lucy Bucknall.

Big Man by Lucy Bucknall
Silo Park at Sunset

February 7, 2013

north wharf, auckland waterfront

Tormentina dancing on North Wharf in front of The Kestrel, a 1905 double ended
Waitemata Harbour Ferry, currently under restoration.
North Wharf, Wynyard Quarter, Waterfront Auckland

February 6, 2013

harken new zealand / fosters ship chandlery

Preparing for our next voyage, we headed up the hill to the corner of Fanshawe & Hobson to Fosters.

As soon as you step off the noisy street through the arched doorway, the old wood smell creeps up the steps, into your nose and transports you back in time.  The historic building was constructed by Alex Foster in 1906, directly opposite the original Auckland waterfront (before the land reclamation).  Alex Foster began a small engineering and marine supply agency called Alex Foster & Co. in the downstairs section of the building.

Today it is the home of Harken New Zealand / Fosters Ship Chandlery.  Half store/half museum, you will find marine supplies as well as historic photos and nautical antiques.

We met with Garry Lock, Managing Director at Harken.  He is part of our team, helping us go into the deep blue once more.  Nothing happens in the sailing game without friendship and expertise.

Our barefoot crew entering the Fosters Building on the corner of Fanshawe & Hobson.

Garry Lock, Managing Director - Harken New Zealand

February 4, 2013

sir peter blake

Raivo, Tormentina, and James roll to & from the pool.  Every day we commute past the MAN we respect, Sir Peter Blake.  In 2004, the Sir Peter Blake Trust was launched to honor his leadership, love of the environment, and dedication to young people.

February 2, 2013

la loupiote

La Loupiote present "Les Navegateurs" at the Viaduct Basin in Auckland.

Acrobatic antics on a 37' sailboat called La Loupiote
Viaduct Basin, Auckland