August 23, 2012

life in freo

Tormentina's 4th Birthday

On the Dock

On the Dock

Pink Lady Apples

Esplanade Park

The  Chart Room

Waiting for the Cat Bus

T in her Sparkle Gown at Sunset
T grooving on the Hobie longboard (on loan from Brett Burville/Windrush) & smooth Freo bike paths.
Jeans have since been patched by our wonderful friend Ruth Shelley.

Raivo with watercolors, playdough, and found objects from the boatyard.

Tormentina all geared up for a bike ride with James in the sometimes cold, windy, wet weather that is winter in Freo.

August 7, 2012

extreme sails & equiplite soft sailhanks

Upcoming passages:

FREMANTLE to HOBART via the Great Australian Bight
HOBART to WELLINGTON via Tasman Sea & Cook Strait

The sails are at Extreme Sails, South Fremantle, in the hands of David White and Carl Girolamo.  Equiplite soft sailhanks are going on the Tormentina (storm jib).  Thanks to Reinier Persenaire and Lourens Poorter at Equiplite Europe.

The kids had their sail-making pre-school today at Extreme, as they helped David update our storm jib with the new hanks.