March 29, 2012

transequatorial video

Transequatorial 2011

The following is our "home video" footage from our last passage with the family - Cape Verdes to Cape Town, South Africa.  Making this video made us homesick for the sea.

We are ready for the big open wilderness again - Anasazi Girl ready to launch from the South African Navy Dockyard this week.

lorient video

Lorient, France

During our one month stay in Lorient, France, we got a glimpse into the world of syndicate sailing,  mini-transat sailing culture, and discovered the cool local scene of industry players embedded into the old World War II submarine base buildings.

We updated our rigging in Lorient, and the Banque Populaire crew let us store our mast in their shed.  This video is a tour of the BSM as we moved our mast out of the shed back to the dock.