August 15, 2011

work list

Two weeks in Caen, finally rested and very thankful for the flat and wheels that JF Lilti hooked us up with.

We have been tied up at the Nouvea Bassin in Mondeville.  James has been on the boat every day:   New solar panel installed from Solara, touch-up paint thanks to Grand Largue Composites, new lazy jacks system, new plumbing lines, new seals for our through holes from Shakewell Seacock, new seals for the water ballast system from OzValves, service from Equiplite on our blocks, new pot grippers for the alcohol stove, some changes to the running lines, every nut + bolt checked, sealed and tightened, new foam for the flattened nav. station cushion,  and a better mounting system for the GoPro. Ordered a QWERT foldable keyboard too from Accastillage Diffusion in Ouistreham - spill-proof for a boat with the kids.  It is amazing how even after 30,000 miles there are still things that can be improved on the boat.

We re-provisioned at the Carrefour and Super-U and diesel tanks are filled.  Waiting for an easterly flow to get out of the Channel and around the corner to Brittany side where we can make an easy exit.

We met Joyon two years ago in La Trinit√©.  Super nice man and he has five kids, so super-dad too.  Unbelievably tall, strong, and he has huge hands - he looks like he was born to be a sailor.  We watched him pick up a Suzuki outboard with one hand.  James happy to meet another single-handed sailor, especially as they were in the Southern Ocean at the same time in 2008 - crowded place.  At that time, Joyon made the around the world record, which he still holds:   57 d 13 h 34 min 06 s.
Read more about Joyon at Challenge and Adventure:

Here's a link to Marshall Mattlock's blog, which feature three of my photos that were printed in the Patagonia, Inc. Early Fall 2011 catalog:

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