September 27, 2011

la coruña, galicia, spain

Last week we were waiting for favorable and light winds to make our crossing of the Bay of Biscay.  Everyone warned us that it could get quite nasty in the autumn, so James and I were both getting antsy to leave before the seasonal shift.

On Wednesday, we spent our last evening in France in La Trinité with our friend and very talented sail designer, Stephane Fauve.  He sent us off the pontoons just before midnight, making sure our bellies were full & content with classic Brittany fare of galettes and crêpes.

Very light winds - lighter than expected - so we had a gentle three day passage.  Too slow for us, but we were happy to not experience any aggressive conditions in the Bay with the kids on the boat.

We arrived in La Coruña, Spain on Saturday evening.  Our local friends Jose and Sonia have given us a huge and warm welcome.

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  1. Hi there!
    It seems that summer is travelling with you. Then the normal weather of the season will come when you leave.
    Hope you'll find the best conditions to leave Europe, and don't forget that you have two races to catch up, with the Mini-Transat and the Global Ocean Race just forward.
    Have a nice time with our Galician brothers and Myriam Paul Eliott and I wish you the most peaceful trip ever to CapeTown.
    PS: New boat is coming on sunday :-)