January 15, 2012


Landfall Cape Town, South Africa
Tormentina soaking in her first view of land - the Table Bay skyline - after 32 days at sea.

The amazing albatross in the southern ocean sky.

Raivo organizes the sail ties as we approach land.

My family stretching out in the cockpit on a sunny, smooth, flat day of sailing.

Radical cloud formations on the horizon as we approach the Inter-tropical Convergence Zone.

James in one of his favorite elements.

 Raivo gets some winks in the starboard quater berth.

Tormentina and Raivo with their blanket fort in the background.

Tormentina checks out one of the many flying fish hitch-hikers to jump on board.

My favorite sunset of the voyage.


  1. Great Photos! Keep them coming! Drew, Katie, & Dakota

  2. You have such a beautiful family!

    You pictures are extraordinary and I am so jealous of your voyage.
    Enjoy every minute of it, and keep reporting back to us :)