October 2, 2012

images: bight/bass - freo to melbourne

Gum-drop treats always a help when the kids are stuck inside during an 8 day passage.
The girls on watch and the boys resting as we approach landfall.
Tormentina checking the electronic chart and radar as we get close to making landfall.
First view of the entrance to Port Phillip Bay and the Rip, also know as the heads.
Point Lonsdale Lighthouse at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay.
You can see the wild currents even at slack tide.
Happy smile as Tormentina enjoys being out on deck for the first time since we departed Fremantle.
Port Phillip Bay. 
Port Phillip Bay 
Port Phillip Bay
Cookies & Kisses, Tormentina & Raivo, Port Phillip Bay
No more need for the mainsail as we slide into flat glassy water and sunshine inside Port Phillip Bay.
Port Phillip Bay
Cityline view of Melbourne, Victoria.
Our welcoming crew L ro R:  James Disney, Rowan Stephens, Darcy Disney, and Chris Disney.
Thanks to Chris & crew for meeting us in the bay and helping us dock after our passage. 

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