March 1, 2013

ready for haul-out, coromandel peninsula

The Auckland CBD has been good to us.  In our four months here we had two very monumental & positive life experiences.

At the end of December, we gave birth to our third child - a beautiful little girl named Pearl.  She was born five days before Christmas.  I had a natural home birth at my midwife Tina Patrick's house in Ponsonby. My four year old daughter Tormentina stayed at my side for the entire labor, helped deliver the baby and Tina let her cut her cord.  Pearl moved aboard Anasazi Girl when she was less than a day old.

Through a dedicated effort to get the kids to the pool nearly every day, we gave Tormentina and Raivo a solid swimming foundation at the Auckland City Tepid Baths.  We worked with them one on one, then James took over teaching both of them once I gave birth.

Now they are extremely comfortable in the water, jumping into the deep end without hesitation, swimming underwater, and with help they are swimming the length of the 15 meter pool.  I see fire in Raivo's eyes as he tries to do tricks diving in.  At their own pace, cold water swimming, distance and strengthening their strokes are the next things to focus on.  James and I are no longer having nightmares about them drowning.

Pearl is now two months old, super strong, and healthy.

We are ready.

Anasazi Girl is moving to Whitianga, on the Coromandel Peninsula for a haul-out, hard-stand period.  A lifestyle change for all of us as James shifts into the intensive work-mode of preparing the boat for the next passage.

The kids will miss cruising around the colorful waterfront on their scooters, but they are super excited for the next adventure

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