July 16, 2013

january 26, 2008 (day 42)

by James Burwick

Below is an excerpt from my log book of my solo circumnavigation undertaken from 2006-2008.
For some reason it feels right to start sharing more of what I have experienced. This log entry was written at the end of a passage from Auckland NZ to Capetown SA.  This was a bold attempt that went well.  Not without plenty of "space walk" moments. The mountain life I am recalling is another life in the Rocky Mountains of Breckenridge,Colorado USA in the 1970's. Alpine Java is Jack Tackle my close friend who e-mailed me throughout the voyage.At this time  Climbing and sailing were my passions in life and  friendship was my wealth.

January 26, 2008 (Day 42)
Position 41.57S 8.41E
250nm miles on Day 41
237nm last 24
Cape Town 651 nm

"I know what you came for and I know when to leave. You came for my heart. Now its time to leave. For I cant stop you. I will open my door. My heart is here waiting. I wont need it no more." Dido

Very difficult to leave the Southern Ocean. This boat. This special boat. And believe me I have driven plenty. I don’t like to talk numbers and such but plenty of them I drove. This little one. She has a spirit. And a very healthy relationship with the Southern Ocean.

I can feel the outstretched arms from the dock in Table Bay. Under the mountain with the table cloth. Table Mountain

"The single most impressive landfall in this world" I have heard it from many. It is true. I can feel all the Kiwis cheering us on from our Last Port of Call Auckland NZ.

I am amazed. I never finish anything. Maybe it is because the things I try don’t have a great success rate. So many mountains I went up on and never reached the top. "Did you get  up" they said to the Alpine Java.
They stopped asking me.

Well it looks like the girl and I are getting  up alright with strength and stamina and power to waste.
Still running the same sail configuration in this stable air. Just ease the main now and again and let in or out  some water ballast. It feels tropical today. Heat is off and the door is open. 20 deg C another blue sky just a different shade of blue.

I been resting like an old dog in the back of a pickup.

Reminds me of a big black dog named Mr Bojangoles. Once upon a time we lived in log cabins and tipis in the high mountains. In two gulches named  Illinois and Negro Bill. There were 18 people and 10 dogs. Hike into in the summer and ski into  in the winter. Summer time was short. We used to bathe in the creek below Mt Pride and use Dr. Bronners Peppermint Oil Soap. Water so cold it made your scalp shrink and it hurt. But it tickled as Mr. Bojangles would be lickin' the soap off your bum. Sage and Medusa, 2 other mountain dogs looking on.

I cannot get enough rest now as the difficulty is about to begin. The real business end of the trip. Landfall. I am traversing a deep ocean ridge the Agullhas Ridge.  There are sea mounts: The Panzarini, Schmitt-Ott, Erica, Wyandot, Protea, Argentina.  I know the boys are fishing there. How do I know.? Cause I hung with them at the docks in Cape Town. And we talked and drank and carried on and I pried open their minds and begged for info for I knew the time would come when I would sail by my friends in the deep and I wanted to make sure they picked up the ch 16 and told me a story. The story of how it is and how it isn’t.  That is
what make the tears flow today. Not the sea and the wind nor the sunscreen in my eyes nor the perfection of the nature and this boat. It is all of the human spirit that I return to. Heavy stuff for a runner and quitter like me.

"Ole Luke he is a runner" {Cool Hand Luke}. Hero for me. Can't hide so I am always running. It took 42 days crossing 13 time zones for it to arrive and here we are.

Running with the wind one more day. Catch me if you can.

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