July 8, 2013

north sails new zealand

From our location in the Viaduct Basin the kids can scooter easily to the North Sails New Zealand loft on Pakenham Street West.  We met up with Josh Tucker and Dan Bush (aka Bushy) to look over Anasazi Gilr's quiver of 8 sails.

The coolest thing is that we brought back two of three sails that North built for A Girl back in 2007 post-circumnavigation.  The sails were designed by Stéphane Fauve, built by Dan Bushy, under the supervision of loft foreman Matt Smeaton.

What a really nice feeling for James to bring Bushy's sails back to where they started.

Pearl (6 months) and Tormentina (freshly turned 5 years old) inspect Anasazi Girl's
mainsail in the foreground while Josh and Bushy take a look at the sail in the background.
Loft at North Sails New Zealand - Auckland, NEW ZEALAND (July 2013)

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