July 21, 2011

port of chantereyne

We are tied up to Pontoon G, at the Cherbourg Marina, Port of Chantereyne.  Easy to find us, as we are the only boat in the marina with red and white stripes at the top of the mast.  Very peaceful here, and everything in town is within easy walking distance from the port.  Today the sun finally came out after several days of rain, and we were able to dry out the boat and the sails.
Tormentina and Raivo visited their first castle this afternoon - Chateau des Ravalet - with our friend Matthieu Feron (designed of the Avocet 50:  http://www.grandlarguecomposites.com/Avocet%2050/Avocet%2050.html)  and his beautiful children Issac and Ana.

We are enjoying the fresh bread and cheese, working on the boat list, and starting to get through the footage of HD photo and video we shot for 21 days.  

Here is a teaser that James uploaded:

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