October 27, 2016

tarzán william

At 40 weeks & 6 days, #4 finally arrived into our world. Anatomical scan in October had us thinking we had a girl, but when the baby slid out we were surprised to see Tarzán William swinging from the cord!

Thank you to my mid-wife Alejandra Beatriz Bonacic Gonazales and to my nurse Kary Ojeda Canumán for delivering a healthy little boy into our lives.

Now to figure out how to fit a fourth crew member aboard Anasazi Girl! I think we need to get a multi-hull!

Tarzán William, April 6th 2016 at 9:52 am, 3.5 kgs.
Hospital Augusto Essmann
Puerto Natales - Provincia de Última Esperanza, CHILE/ Region XII (6 de abril de 2016)
Photo by Kary Ojeda Canumán

ABOVE:  Mouth & nose wiped clean for the first breaths of LIFE outside the womb. Impossible to describe in words the intensity of emotion felt at this beautiful moment. So fortunate to have experienced this immense joy not only once, but four times in my life. 

Thank you to my nurse Kary Ojeda Canumán for making images for me in post-delivery.


  1. Congratulation!!! - William the Conquerer? Or conquerer of the hearts? LOL. Tarzan: Wild and nice! - Best to you all! Georg

  2. Congratulation to you and your family! It will never be quiet at the boat :-)

  3. Congratulations to you Somira for bringing into this world another beautiful child. We will watch Tarzan William's progress as he grows up with as much joy as we watch the rest of them, and you and James as well.

    Fred & Judy, SV Wings, La Cruz