June 26, 2011

green light

After three rain-soaked days, things finally shifted.

For days now, James has been studying the weather files on Metvuw, Meteo France, NOAA, and listening to all the local reports, trying to get us into the westerly flow.  He talked to Ken Campbell at Commanders' Weather this morning.

We've got the green light from all directions to go!

Everything on the boat has been topped off:  water, provisions, fuel.
All the safety equipment serviced and updated.
The last two months exhausting, but completely worth it.
It's a  huge stress relief to know that James did all the preparation on Anasazi Girl, down to even the tiniest details.
Everything tested and operational.

Anasazi Girl is perfect.  Just Perfect.
She is the safest boat I could imagine taking my family on an ocean crossing in.
Huge pressure on both of us to make this voyage successful and safe, with our precious cargo on board.
James the best person to drive her with the family on board after practicing for 30,000 miles solo.

A wild mixture of emotions inside making my insides flip:  excited, nervous, anxious.
Difficult and challenging to say goodbye to my family and friends.
I can't believe we get to go Transatlantic with our two babies!
We get to give our kids the gift of experiencing power and peacefulness of the ocean.

We leave Sunday 26 June at first light.

Our blog will be updated with video and photos when we arrive in France.

Please check our media links for current updates while we are sailing:

Explorersweb:  http://explorersweb.com

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