June 22, 2011

waiting for wind

The last time I waited with James for a weather window was winter, in Wellington, New Zealand.   We had just sailed Anasazi Girl from Nelson - a smooth squeeze through French Pass in the moonlight and across Cook Strait - to tie up at Chaffer's Marina.  Four weeks in the rain and four farmer's markets later, we were able to piece together a 3-day window to Tauranga.

For the last three summer seasons, we watched all the alpinists in El Chalten wait for "La Ventana."  Now we wait.

Only this time, we have our two kids Tormentina and Raivo on board.  We are in Portland, Maine, waiting for a nice high pressure system to develop.  We want to make a fast clean passage past Cape Sable and the Grand Banks, out into the open ocean.

Thanks to Richard and Keegan at Hallett Canvas & Sails for making Raivo's sea-bed:  http://www.hallettcanvasandsails.com/

We are on stand-by, ready to start our non-stop voyage 3000nm +/- to Caen, France.

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