March 27, 2016

magellanic penguin

Raivo was very excited to see his first penguin in Puerto Williams. We spotted it at dusk, just along the shore of Seno Lauta, after one of our long days out walking.  He was beside himself with curiousity and could not help but go in for a quick look up close.

He did not remember seeing the Magellanic penguin colony (70,000 mating pairs) at Monte León National Park in Argentina when he was 6 months old or the Jackass penguin colony in Simons Town when he was a year old.

It is quite unusual to see penguins within the area of Puerto Williams, so we figured that there was something wrong with the little guy, and that he was probably sick or injured. 

We heard from some other sailors, Auli & Irjala from SV Manta, that they saw the same penguin a day later, a bit further down the shoreline of the Beagle, with a wound under its right wing.  It was falling over, getting attacked by the vultures. Sad news for my kids to hear, but also a gift for them to learn in real time about the cycle of nature and life.

Raivo takes a look at a lone juvenile Magallanic penquin on the shore of Seno Lauta Harbour.
Isla Navarino - CHILE / XII Región de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena (febrero de 2016)
Magellanic Penquin (juvenile) - Seno Lauta Harbour
Isla Navarino - CHILE / XII Región de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena (febrero de 2016)


  1. Hi Somira, much thanks for photos and text.

    Some further thoughts about to life/to die: 1. Physicians, not only in oncology, in all cases have to fight for the life; trying to give hope to the patient and his relatives; although everyone knows, in some cases the battle will be lost. 2. I think, one should life all days, so at the end of life one can realize, to have importantly used ones life. In general this rule is for every human; of all age. - But what is an “importantly used life”? For many people, primarily, to have kids; and guide and accompany them in and during life. But not necessarily. Ask the pope, whether his life has importance. - Because man is a social being, important doings have always to do with other people. They must not be spectacular. - And kids? Maybe, to realize the world without prejudice; by wondering eyes; and support others (family, community, …) as far as they can; being happy. Yes, I think, this gives importance to young lives. (Then it is not so terrifying to have to accept: Not all green gives blossoms; not all blossoms give fruits; not all fruits give new plants.)

    Hi Somira, hope you, your fourth, and your whole family are well! Best wishes to you all! Georg

  2. Importance of life: Being loved, being happy, ... Gg