June 18, 2016

savoring our last days on the island before the birth of #4

Isla Navarino - CHILE / XII Región de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena (febrero de 2016)
The three musketeers on the grassy shoreline of Seno Lauta. We had some very special moments this past February as my kids and I took in our last week on the island before having to head to the mainland for the birth of #4. Emotional to imagine the dynamic of our family changing and to think of the last three years of our lives as a family unit. Dismasting our boat and landing on Navarino was a life-changing event. The addition to our family was sure to be another game changer. Happy, excited, and missing James who was away on a refit job that we knew would at last pay off the final balance due on our mast.

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  1. Happy to have news from you since the last time we met in this little beautiful harbour in NZ. Take care. Kisses. Gilles