December 6, 2015

saturday provisions

Provisions are brought to Navarino Island once a week, 300 nm through the channels & 30 hours away from Punta Arenas. This makes Saturday's provisioning the best day of the week for getting fresh fruits & vegetables.  By Monday or Tuesday it is slim pickings at the small grocery stores on the island, so we make it a point to head to town on foot with the kids, the Black Diamond 70L Touchstone Haul-bag our new "pick-up truck" for provisioning for our family of five.

Pearl climbs sails and duffels in the fore-peak, which also serves as our cold food storage area aboard Anasazi Girl.
Isla Navarino - CHILE / XII Región de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena (octubre de 2015)

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