August 9, 2018

coconut dreams / grenada

On Saturday, May 13th, 2017 we tied up at Grenada Marine's dock in St. David's after 21 days of sailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Before we left Ushuaia, my kids and I had been dreaming about drinking coconuts and swimming in the clear & warm waters of the Caribbean. So amazing to think that after 41 days of coastal sailing from Ushuaia to Grenada that the Magellanic forests of the south have been replaced by the tropical jungles of the Caribe.

All landfalls are special, but this one was a very big deal for us after three years of being dismasted & shipwrecked on the Chilean island of Navarino. The long voyage here from the southernmost tip of South America also marked the completion of our family circumnavigation with our two oldest kids.

Within a week of landfall, Anasazi Girl was clean, stripped down from the voyage & ready for a haul-out and we were left to savor the sunshine, sand, coconuts, nutmeg, & organic chocolate of the spice island.

Mid-day coconut water re-hydrate.
St. David - GRENADA / West Indies (May 2017)

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